• Choosing the right collar for your dog…

    Choosing a training collar today is very complicated based on the number of collar types available and the ever judgmental neighbors and professionals.  Let me put it this way – does your human child learn the exact same way as your neighbor’s child?  We cannot as trainers blindly state that this flat collar or this

  • The more resistant fleas and ticks of today and…

    …how topical agents are unable to fight back as well as they used to. Most of us, pet owners or not, are familiar with treatments, like Frontline, that aim at ridding our four legged friends of those pesky ticks and fleas that come along with the warmer weather and long afternoons outdoors. What you may

  • Howl-oween 2013

    Howl-oween 2013

    Have you seen the photos from The Annual Common Dog Halloween Costume Party? Lilli loved strutting her stuff in her costume! Coming soon: Photos from our Doggie Costume Portrait Studio!