• Fleas and ticks of today are more resistant

    Fleas and ticks of today are more resistant


    Fleas and ticks of today are more resistant to topical agents are unable to fight back as well as they used to be…

    Most of us, pet owners or not, are familiar with treatments, like Frontline, that aim at ridding our four legged friends of those pesky ticks and fleas that come along with the warmer weather and long afternoons outdoors. What you may not have been privy to, however, was the chemical warfare your pet and you were waging in against those miniscule, but dangerous pests.

    Topical agents, like Frontline, are medications applied to the body via the surface of the skin aimed at killing and preventing pest infestation. This easy application reduces the stress involved for both you and Fido. However, it also allows the very strong, synthetic pesticide to be absorbed into your pet’s skin, allowing entry into the blood system. While rare, this can cause some medical complications, such as skin problems and even kidney failure for the family pet.

    What’s worse is that the effectiveness of these topical agents is being called into question in recent years. Research is beginning to support the theory that those pesky pests are only becoming more troublesome. After continual exposure to these types of medications, the fleas and ticks develop a sort of immunity to the drug becoming more resilient and a greater irritation to our lovable friends. Just think of how a cousin from Florida wouldn’t be able to tough out a brutal New England winter as well as you or I. Many users have seen, after multiple applications, that the topical agent is just not working anymore as the fleas continue to multiply, being able to withstand even the strongest pesticides.

    So what’s the answer? The good news is that, fortunately for you and most importantly your canine counterpart, there is a myriad of options at your disposal. For those wanting to go the more “organic” route, non-synthetic treatments have been introduced to the market and more information has become available for relatively easy at home procedures that combat against pests, like regular grooming that help you be in control of your pet’s health. The other answer is to mix it up; switch to one of the newer topical treatments like Zodiac, or use a treatment that isn’t as well known in your area that fleas haven’t been able to build a resistance to yet.

    Good luck and enjoy the rest of your summer! – Cheers – Laura

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