We offer personalized service for you and your furry friend.  Whether you utilize our private in-home training, opt for private sessions here at The Common Dog, choose our Day Training while your pup is here for Daycare, or choose our intensive Board & Train program, we understand that a well behaved dog becomes a positive addition to your family and that is our goal.
Our approach to training involves the time honored “classic method” or “balanced” approach, where owners and their dogs learn to trust and respect each other, using positive reinforcement for good behavior and correcting any bad manners or unwanted behavior.

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See our different training options described in more detail below:

  • Day Training Classes

    Day training classes incorporate exercise, socialization, and learning into every session. This involves the owner leaving their dog with us for the day to learn the foundations of manners and obedience as well as learn the ins & outs of daycare, how to behave and interact with other dogs. We recommend 5 day training sessions which includes a follow-up session with the owner free of charge.

  • Board and Training Programs

    This is the gold standard of training programs and our most popular option. An intense two to three week boot camp, with an emphasis on gravitating to the “off leash” trained dog. The program addresses all obedience, manners and behavior problems, and includes intensive owner follow up training including an in-home session.  In addition to being trained, your dog will receive round the clock care. Many people choose to schedule this around a vacation. 

  • Private Sessions

    One on one sessions conducted at our location or in your home to address specific behavior problems or learn all the basics.

Training Rates

  • Day School – $75.00/ per day (we train your dog while they are here for daycare)
  • Private training sessions here $95/hour or at your home $125/hour
  • Board and Train Program $100 per day with a minimum of 2 weeks for most dogs. Contact Us for details