Our Doggy University

We offer personalized training for you and your furry friend.  There are many options from which to choose:

  • Our intensive Board & Train program, the gold standard for training.
  • Private sessions at The Common Dog,
  • Private in-home training,
  • Group Training,
  • Day Training while your pup is at The Common Dog for Daycare

We understand that a well-behaved dog becomes a positive addition to your family and that is our goal. Our approach to training involves the time honored “classic method” or “balanced” approach, where owners and their dogs learn to trust and respect each other, using positive reinforcement for good behavior and correcting any bad manners or unwanted behavior. With years of training experience and a true understanding of dog behavior, our trainers will provide the direction needed to achieve your goals.

Call 617-381-6363 or email training@commondog.com today to get information and rates on our various programs.

Training Options:

Private training sessions are one on one meetings conducted at our location or in your home to address specific behavior problems or learn all the basics. Working closely with you and your dog enables us to help provide specific direction helping you attain your training goals whether they include a “fully trained dog” or you’re just hoping to stop getting pulled down the block.

Group Training include:

  • Board & Train program is the gold standard of training programs and our most popular option. An intense multi-week boot camp, with an emphasis on gravitating to the “off leash” trained dog or specifically addressing troublesome behavioral problems. The program addresses all obedience, manners and behavior problems, and includes intensive owner follow up training including an in-home session.  In addition to being trained, your dog will receive round the clock care. Many people choose to schedule this around a vacation.
  • Day training incorporates exercise, socialization, and learning into every session. This involves the owner leaving their dog with us for the day to learn the foundations of manners and obedience as well as learning the ins & outs of daycare and how to behave and interact with other dogs. We recommend 5 day training sessions which includes a follow-up session with the owner free of charge.
  • Beginner Basics Training – a 5 week program covering basic obedience, proper leash skills and manners.
  • Intermediate Training – a 3 week program that builds on the foundation established in our basic program. We begin to step away from our dogs in stay exercises and increase the distractions.
  • Advanced Training – a 3 week program that picks up where the intermediate left off working toward off leash recall and distance work. 
  • Remote Collar Training – a 3 week program focusing on how E-collars are an outstanding tool to have in your toolbox. We will walk you through introducing your pup to the collar and how to use it constructively in your everyday adventures. We recommend the Dogtra or E-technology (mini educators) collars and all dogs must have completed a beginner class.