Why Dog Training – by JB
JB, a trainer at The Common Dog in Everett, MA, takes a selfie with her dog. Common Dog specializes in dog training. Gives us a call today to find out more!


Hi, I’m JB, the head trainer at The Common Dog. Why Dog Training? This is a question I do get asked often. The answer has honestly changed over time. I began my training journey in the summer of 2014 when I joined the Common Dog as a park attendant and quickly started to learn different positions and acquired as much knowledge as I could. I learned I wanted to help dogs through training.

I remember meeting a cocker spaniel named Fred. Laura, the owner, had taken him in for our board and train program. He was terrified of people and had become aggressive due to his fear. The poor sweet boy seemed so stressed to even be near new people he would shake. I watched over the next few weeks this small, terrified dog slowly gain more confidence in meeting people. Over time I was able to interact with him and was amazed by the change that was made in this dog. He continued with us as a daycare pup and continued to socialize with people and interact with dogs for years. We helped Fred find his best self. From that experience, I learned I wanted to help dogs live their best lives.

Years later after I came into my own as a trainer, I met with a family and their dog named Edris (he’s the handsome boy in the picture with me). They had purchased him as a puppy right before covid started. They had already met with another trainer who told them Edris was a lost cause and was essentially “untrainable”. It was clear socialization was lacking in large part due to Covid. Edris had a difficult time navigating the neighborhood where they lived and expressed fear and anxiety with anything unfamiliar. Tears were shed and I knew that these owners wanted the absolute best for their dog. He finished a board and train with us over a year ago. To this day, they continue his training and his former self no longer exists. What’s left is a confident and well trained dog because of our guidance and due to his owners putting in the work after the completion of his board and train.

I now know I want to help people be the best owners in order to give their dogs the best life.

I came for the dogs and I stay for the people.


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